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Don't Consider Yourself a 'Creative'? These 5 Tips Can Help

Being a "creative" seems to be the latest trend, but really, it's all subjective. We all create in various ways; however, it's how we channel that creativity which makes the difference.

It's true, everyone isn't an idea machine and with digital creation as our lead source of consumable content, being able to pop out an idea on the fly is a viable skill. 

So how you do it?

What are some sensible ways to get those creative juices flowing?

I was inspired by an article via HubSpot which gave 11 tips to be a more "creative" person. And while I don't believe these tips will make you "more creative," I do believe they'll help unlock the mojo within.

Instead of the 11, I've chosen 5 and added a little twist.

Here are 5 ways to help tap into your creative side: 

Brain dump. Morning and evening brain dumps are a great way to clear the mind. We often carry excess from dreams or wake up with unsettled feelings from the night prior. Clearing our energetic cache before we start the day is ideal to set the tone. Using a note-taking app such as Evernote or the notes app in your phone helps, or go "old school" with a nice journal. 

Take a walk. Sometimes you need to unplug. Going for a walk helps clear your mind and give your brain a much-needed break. Try doing so without tapping into social media and consuming content. Enjoy the scenery and allow your mind to breathe. 

Travel. Of course, the travel bug has hit so many people. Everyone's capturing their travel in real-time and sharing it with the world. Chronicling your expeditions is a great way to get those juice going. There's so much inspiration in a land unknown. And you don't always have to go far. Hyper-local travels and staycations can also spark ideas. 

Music. I truly believe music is the universal love language. Music helps me focus, calms my nerves, and provides a great backdrop for my mind to visualize what I'm doing. If you're fancy, curate your playlist but the tone and frequency of the songs for a musical storyline. Try ready-made playlists on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and Amazon Music and discover new artists. 

Soothe your inner child. Many of us grew up associating creativity with things that drawing, painting, and photography. It's important to remember what it feels like to spark joy. Our seat of creativity is connected to our inner child, so what brings you nostalgia? What tingles your sense? Operating from a sensory space can also allow your creative mind to wander and explore. Remove the expectation and seek adventure. 

What's great about each of these tips is they don't require much thought or legwork. The important aspect of creativity is that it shouldn't be forced, it must come naturally. While some experts merge discipline and creativity together, what I want to promote is the foundation of finding your creative space first, then using discipline (if that's necessary) to stay focused. 

Allow your mind to wander a bit. 

It can be a bit scary; however, losing control in the name of creativity isn’t such a bad thing.

(This article was originally written for LinkedIn.)

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